Little Monster

Welcome To SuperZilla!

The Newest Little Monster on the Block!

  • Rebase Protocol with APY of 1,003,975%
  • Stabilised Liquidity Pool
  • Play-2-Earn Ecosystem
  • Project Incubator
  • NFT and Services Marketplace

And much more, we are building a complete ecosystem to rocket your income to the moon. Join us today!

Our Mission - Making Play-2-Earn Work For All

Play-2-Earn is growing at a phenomenal rate and is fast becoming a recognised method of income generation.

We believe we have a concept that will make it easy for everyone to take full advantage of this trend.

Token Presale Now On!

150,000 $SUPERZILLA tokens are available as initial offer for any interested parties who wish to get in at the ground floor.

The opening price is 1BNB per 1000 $SUPERZILLA, currently +- 0.32c per token.

The funding target is 100BNB and will run until target is reached, or for 14 days to 07 June, 2022 latest.

Tokens are immediately available on Pancake Swap as a portion of the raise is added to liquidity.

The remainder is split between Treasury and Marketing.

Following this Presale, tokens will be available from our Permasale which will offer tokens at a rising floor price of 2.5% per 10,000 token sold.

Get yours here now!

Road Map

So, we had an idea! Now bringing it to life...

Q1, 2022

Concept Formulation, Design and Planning

  • Formulation of a general plan to progress the concept.
  • Research on competitor solutions.
  • Conversion plan for front end platform from our single user solution to a multi user solution.

Q2, 2022

Initial Release and Marketing Commencement

  • Establishment of web presence and social media channels.
  • Invitations for public participation.
  • Launch of presale followed by permasale.
  • Play-2-Earn game launches.
  • Partnering with other projects
  • SuperZilla NFT launch
  • Listings on CMC, CG
  • Growth of social media channels
  • Advertising

Q3, 2022

Ecosystem Expansion and Marketing Push

  • Development of Governance DAO
  • Incubator platform launch
  • DEX and Yield Farms launch
  • Further advertising
  • Identifying and partnering with outside partners and projects
  • Additional sub-projects development and launches

Q4, 2022

Expansion of Platform

  • Launch of Governance Contract
  • Marketplace launch for services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Improvements to current features
  • Further marketing

2023 and On

Growing our Network and Ecosystem

  • Planning for Future Growth
  • Developing and releasing additional services.
  • Continuous integration with outside parners
  • Foundation for Growth of Little Monsters

We will continue to develop this concept to its fullest.